TiCF can insure your limo, shuttle, taxi, non-emergency vehicle and any other passenger transport vehicles!

August 6, 2013:  TiCF has added another insurance company for non-emergency/para-transit transportation companies! The premiums are very competitively priced and we are already helping clients save on their insurance costs!  Call us today for a quote to see how we can help you too, said TiCF president Ann Marie Sikes Bessire.

August 20, 2013:  Have a newly formed non-emergency medical transportation company? TiCF can help! We were able to save a new para-transit transportation client over $1,000 on their commercial auto insurance this week, said TiCF president Ann Marie Sikes Bessire.

August 24, 2013: A new taxi client is thrilled with the rate we got them for their 3 vehicles of $12,400/year! Another satisfied customer.

October 25, 2013:  We've been very active with non-emergency medical transportation insurance for both new ventures and existing companies.

November 6, 2013:  A new vehicle-for-hire client was very happy with the quote we got them for $1 million with full coverage on their 2008 Ford Crown Victoria. $2,434/year!

January 14, 2014:  We successfully insured 9 low-speed golf-cart type vehicles in Miami Beach. Our new client was not able to locate an agency that could obtain the insurance except for us!  This is a very challenging class of business coupled with being a new venture with 9 vehicles! Another happy ending!

March 7, 2014:  Another happy golf-cart client!  We assisted a new client with obtaining the insurance they needed to get permitted and start operating their 6-pasenger Club Car in Fort Lauderdale Beach!

May 2, 2014: Helped a client in the Englewood/Port Charlotte, Florida area with insuring a sedan and minivan and saved them over 30% on what they were paying. "They were having trouble finding an insurance company to insure the particular make/model of the sedan and we found them a perfect solution" said TiCF president Ann Marie Sikes Bessire.

June 13, 2014: Had another very active week with numerous new taxi as well as non-emergency medical transportation clients.

October 25, 2014: TiCF has insured a number of low-speed vehicles this month. We've got access to the best insurance markets for any kind of low-speed or golf-cart type vehicle used for passenger transportation or marketing purposes.

October 30, 2014: TiCF welcomes a new insurance company for non-emergency medical transportation. We are excited to offfer a new option for our non-emergency transport clients!

Novermber 14, 2015: TiCF offers UBER and Lyft compliant insurance for all types of vehicles. We offer the lowest premiums in the State of Florida!

September 17, 2016: TiCF now offers an insurance company that accepts new-venture operations for low-speed vehicles. "This is a very difficulty classification to insure, so we are thrilled to have partnered with a new insurance company to address this customer need" said TiCF president Ann Marie Sikes Bessire.